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Entertaining Set

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Designed by Holcomb Studio.

Elevate your next occasion with our Birdie Wine Decanter and Puddle Coasters. As beautiful as it is functional, our Birdie Wine Decanter includes an aerating sphere that enhances the aroma and flavor of the wine. Our Puddle Coasters are simple yet effective, featuring heavy-weight stainless steel, a shallow lip to contain drips, while an anti-slip pad provides additional surface protection and dampens sound. 


Blown glass decanter with tapered lip for a controlled pour


Aerator of Birdie Wine Decanter thinly spreads wine across the sphere to expose the maximum surface area to air


Set of four Puddle Coasters with a shallow lip to contain drips and condensation

Products in this Bundle

Birdie Wine Decanter

by Holcomb Studio

Puddle Coasters

by Holcomb Studio

8.1 in

9.2 in

Product Highlight

Weight — 2.8 lb

Capacity — 69.3 fl oz

Hand-blown glass

Polished stainless steel

Ash wood

4.1 in

4.1 in

Product Highlight

Weight — 12.3 oz

Polished Stainless Steel

  • The aerator and metal coaster of the Birdie Wine Decanter are dishwasher safe. The wood trivet and glass vessel should be hand-washed.

  • The Birdie Wine Decanter holds approximately 61 fl oz. An average bottle of wine is 25.4 fl oz.

  • To use the Birdie Wine Decanter:

    (1) Place metal aerator into Birdie Wine Decanter.

    (2) Pour wine through aerator. Wine will collect in decanter.

    (3) Remove the metal coaster from the wood trivet to serve. Remove the aerator from the Birdie Wine Decanter and place on the coaster.

  • After aerating the wine by pouring it through the aerator, the wine will collect in the decanter. To serve, remove the metal coaster from the wood trivet. Remove the aerator from the Birdie Wine Decanter and place it on the coaster. Pour wine from the decanter and enjoy!

  • The Puddle Coasters are top-rack dishwasher safe.

  • There are four Puddle Coasters included in this set. In addition to the coaster included with the Birdie Wine Decanter.