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Stone Pepper Mill

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Designed by Holcomb Studio.

Inspired by grain mills, our Stone Pepper Mill produces maximum output by utilizing a unique cut stone pattern to grind pepper. The rough granite stone contrasts the soft ash wood form, creating a balanced, tactile design. With use, the mill stones become smoother due to the natural oils released by the peppercorns creating a product that only improves with age.


Adjust the coarseness of the pepper using the adjustment bar at the bottom of the Stone Pepper Mill


Snap close top allows for easy refilling


Patent pending mill stone cleverly dispenses pepper from the side, so no trace is left on countertop

8.4 in

2.3 in

Product Highlight

Weight — 15 oz

Capacity — 3 fl oz

Granite Stone

Ash Wood

  • To use the Stone Pepper Mill:

    (1) Before first use, fill with whole peppercorns.

    (2) While firmly holding the wood body, twist the top of the Stone Pepper Mill to grind the pepper. Do not grind pepper by twisting stones.

    (3) Ground pepper will dispense from the side, so it is helpful to tilt the Stone Pepper Mill when using.

    (4) To adjust coarseness, twist the adjustment bar at the bottom of the Stone Pepper Mill while holding the bottom stone. The larger the indicator circle, the coarser the grind will be. It is helpful to release the remaining peppercorns left between the mill stones when changing from a coarse to a fine grind. To do this, gently twist the bottom millstone while holding the wood body.

  • To refill the Stone Pepper Mill:
    (1) Remove the lid by firmly pulling up.
    (2) Pour whole peppercorns into hopper.
    (3) Press lid back onto Stone Pepper Mill until it snaps into place.

  • We recommend using whole peppercorns only, as salt and other spices may corrode the mechanism.

  • No, the Stone Pepper Mill does not come pre-filled with peppercorns. In most cases, you can purchase whole peppercorns at your local grocery store.

  • To clean, wipe with damp cloth.

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