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Link Citrus Press

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Designed by Holcomb Studio.

Inspired by pruning shears, our Link Citrus Press features a four-bar linkage to produce an ultra-powerful press that breezes through lemons and limes. Our Link Citrus Press has an anti-spray shield, feet for stability when set on countertops, and a large basket to fit even the juiciest lemons. So that your Citrus Press never fails you, we selected high-quality stainless steel and chrome-plated diecast to ensure long-lasting durability.


Inspired by pruning shears, the four-bar-linkage provides maximum leverage


Large baskets to juice lemons, limes and small oranges


Metal construction for easy clean up and durability

2.7 in

10 in

Product Highlight

Weight — 1.1 lb

Chrome-plated aluminum

Chrome-plated zinc

Stainless steel

  • To use the Link Citrus Press:

    (1) Open the citrus press and place the halved citrus cut side down.
    (2) Close press and squeeze handles until all juice is released from the citrus.
    (3) Recommended use with limes, lemons, and small oranges.

  • Our Link Citrus Press is top-rack dishwasher safe.

  • The Link Citrus Press is made up of a combination of metals to suit the function of each component best. These metals include chrome-plated aluminum, chrome-plated zinc, and food-grade stainless steel.

  • The Link Citrus Press works best with lemons, limes, and small oranges. If your citrus is too large, we recommend cutting it into quarters to fit nicely in the basket.

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